Our Home In Oberammergau


Turmwirt Hotel, Oberammergau, Germany

Georg and Eta Glas, owners of the Turmwirt Hotel in Oberammergau

Enjoy the athmosphere at theTurmwirt hotel and let your hosts, the Glas family, spoil you. The Turmwirt has been a landmark in Oberammergau since 1934. It is owned and operated by the Glas family, today with the 3rd Generation. Even so the warmth you can feel all around is worthwhile for a stay at our Hotel. All the rooms are easely accesable with our elevator.

The Turmwirt Hotel is rated with 3 stars Superior, according to the regulations of the German Hotelier association. It is situated in the heart of Oberammergau, next to the catholic church St. Peter and Paul.

It is built in the bavarian Landhouse style and on the outside you will find nice paintings, which Oberammergau is famous for.

“At the Turmwirt Hotel, we have always loved welcoming the guests from Wilcox World Travel and Tours. Our personal relationship with the Wilcox family since the early 70’s has been wonderful. The whole Wilcox team really cares about the local community of Oberammergau and our family. Their agents are the best in the business and pay close attention to the little details that keep tour participants happy and relaxed.
Since our hotel is located within walking distance from the museum, shops and the Passion Play Theatre, our guests can enjoy strolling through town, taking in the beauty of the art work on the painted houses in our village, indulge in an apple strudel at Café Ammerland, or browse through our local souvenir shops for the famous wood carvings our village is famous for. The beautiful cuckoo clocks at der Heinzeller’s Store are so well done; the craftsmanship is the best in Germany. The last time Wallace Wilcox and his wife were here, I went with Wallace to purchase one of these clocks for his wife’s birthday.”